Them Sprints

Despite what all those magazines say there is no easy way to get truly fit. So today instead of mincing about doing a slow run I hit the hill Sprints hard. I found an incline on a quiet country lane and did 15 Sprints of about 200 meters with a rest in between. So painful so very painful which is obviously why I don’t do them that much. Towards the end say about the tenth one it would be very hard to describe them as Sprints.

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The Quarry Run

Went for a run around the boundary of the quarry i work at and found a nice hill that extends for 300 meters or so where i did some …….well hill reps. I managed a total of 4 before my arse started asking for oxygen too. So i wobbled back and sprint finished the last 200 meters and just sat on a rock sweating until i could muster the energy to get my towel to wipe the torrent of sweat spraying out of my skin and drive home. I had a smile on my face for 30 seconds or so when i was on my way back. I think i’m learning very slowly how to enjoy this stuff again :)

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Fartlek, Hills, type of run

The sun came out this morning while i was at work so not to miss such a rare event i stopped what i was doing put my running kit on and went for a run in case it only lasted a short period. The blue sky was welcome but could not disguise the blood chilling temperatures outside. I ended up doing an odd sort of run. My legs were tired from yesterdays efforts so i just ran as hard as i could uphill which there are many where i was today and then sort of bimbled on the downhill bits.

Ran 4.23 miles in 39:04 @ 9:14 min/miles pace

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Work Run

This afternoon i went for a 4 miler in the hills not far from a Quarry i was working at today. Does running in the hills make you a better a runner on the flat? Anyway it certainly makes me work a lot harder. This weekend me and the wife are going for a 12 miler which consists of running around the Great Orme twice. We did this in November last year but we only went round once. This is going to be a training run in preparation for her Snowdon Marathon attempt this year.

24092009066 24092009067

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Juneathon Day One

I’m wondering how many others will use the same title?I went for a 4.5 miler while at work. No one misses me i’m just not that important. A beautiful day today, massive blue sky and a slight breeze. A fantastic run to kick start Juneathon off. The blister was fine they always look worse than they feel i think.



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Run In The Hills

At work i went for a quick 3.5 mile run at the second attempt. I say second because the first time i walked outside it was cold and raining and i wimped out and went back indoors for half an hour. It calmed down and off i went. This area is very hilly and the first mile or so is just a killer. A dog came running after me as i passed a farm and it had a muzzle on which was good news this did not stop me from running faster for a brief period of time.


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Went for another morning run. This time a quick 4 miler in the drizzle.


Many Thanks to JogBlog who found this article from the Daily Telegraph with yours truly at the number one spot.  I love the description.

Honest, gloat-free runner’s blog charting the highs, lows, blisters and epiphanies of a once-obese heavy drinker and smoker who turned to marathon running for salvation. So inspirational, it’ll have you pulling on your trainers.

How big is my head. :)

and making the list is


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Camping Canoeing and a bit of Running.

I have only been doing the odd 3 or 4 miles here and there just to keep ticking along. I have a 10km race this Sunday. So the preparation didn’t go as planned as the cold is just finishing itself off now.

Yesterday i took the day off work and went out on Bala Lake in North Wales in a friends Canadian Canoe. Great fun and we camped out on a little shore for the night. Woke up this morning and the tents had a nice layer of snow on them.
10bala 12bala bala-034 bala-023

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