Cold midweek update.

The cold is in the final stages now but i still have a chesty sort of cough. The whole family has been suffering with it including little Tom. I managed a few more 4 milers and i am now just and only just starting to get some sort of strength back. It’s remarkable how much fitness you lose in just a couple of weeks.

For those of you that don’t know JogBlog has started a new site/blog and is well worth checking out.

For no apparent reason that’s me with the fair hair with my brother sometime in the 1970’s when we lived in Croydon.


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My Folks

This is my Mum and Dad from 1972. That little ol baby is my Brother. I didn’t know this picture existed. As for what the f%ck has this got to do with running? i know not! all this from the great Facebook. :) Btw my Dad has not changed a bit. They are both still together after 38 years.

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Porridge Is The Key

Got up had some Porridge and hour later i ran a 10 miler. I haven’t run into double figures for quite a long time and just felt like going a bit longer than usual today. Felt good all the way round.


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I have not had any alcohol for just over 27 days (who’s counting) i had a rest day today and last night i decided to have a few beers and some Cava and as such I’m not exactly in the best of health today. So today I’m taking it easy and making Bread. I will post the Bread making pics soon. And yes that is my bloodshot eye.

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I was expecting huge amounts of Snow today but this was all i could find. I went for a 5 miler while i was at work in those hills, it absolutely pissed down towards the end hence the fastest mile of the 5 is the last one which also had an uphill bit. Didn’t stop me from getting soaked.

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The Hill Of Hurt

I am trying to mix up the types of runs i do so i don’t stagnate by doing the same old distance and pace. At work i went to do some hill reps on surprise surprise a big hill. It’s called Moel Fendig and looks OK from the bottom. I was literally blowing out of my own arse half way up but managed to keep going to the top. I can see Liverpool from there (i will take my camera up with me next time). I managed to do 3 reps and then some sprints when i got down.

Now that blister that didn’t hurt. Hurts like F#@k!!!

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How I Feel When I Run.

I went for a slow 4 miler this morning with the intention of just going out to enjoy the run for what it is instead of thinking about pace and effort etc. This made me think “how much do i actually enjoy doing this?” so i came up with this.

Out of every 100 runs i do i think this is quite an accurate reflection on how i feel about it.

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Blister Soup.

Went for a quick 4 miler this afternoon after work. I got this blister from this weeks runs. It’s one of those that don’t hurt, i just noticed it while i was having bath.

running blister

I promised JogBlog i would post my roasted Tomato Soup recipe which i made on Sunday. My 4 year old daughter loved it so this is going to go into our regular meals. Serves about 3 or 4 helpings. Great with homemade bread.

1kg Tomatoes, 2 Garlic cloves, Hand full fresh Basil, 3 Sun-dried Tomatoes, 1tsp Thyme (dry), 1 Onion, 1 litre Chicken or Veg Stock, Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper,

Heat Oven to 220c chop onion and tomatoes bung all that into a large baking tray with the thyme, garlic, salt and pepper pour over a few glugs of Olive Oil give it a good shake. When the oven is up to temp put it in for about 30 mins or until you start to see some of the tomatoes and onions char. Get the stock to boil. Pour the stock in with the tomato mix and add the sun-dried tomato and basil.

Blitz all that up in a blender and then strain it through a sieve. Serve warm not piping hot.

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