Snowdonia Run and Camp.

We all went camping this weekend In the mountains of Snowdonia. It’s only an hours drive to get into the heart of this beautiful range from where we live. The kids love it and it gives me a great opportunity to run in this stunning landscape. My mate Gaz joined us (the bloke I did the Glencoe Marathon with).

We only did a 3 miler because Gaz is coming back from a serious injury. That was enough to be honest it was hard going in some parts with slippery rocks and rushing streams. Great fun and a great night camping cooking marsh-mellows over the camp fire.

Snowdon Run


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Cold Run

This is the first run of this winter where I let out a little YELP! as I clambered out of my van to go for a run in the hills. The reason for this uncontrollable wimpy noise was because of the cold. Up here in the high grounds of North Wales it tends to be a few degrees colder than other places and with the wind it’s just not sociable. That or my old body just can’t hack it anymore.

A pleasant 3 miles unfolded after the yelp. I need to get some trail running shoes because I was all over the place in the mud.


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Alwen Run

Just got back from a 7 mile run around the Alwen Reservoir with my wife Eva. It was fantastic. It’s rare that we run together because we have two young children. We have run here before and I always forget how hilly it is. Great place to run one of my favorite places to plod.

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Marathon Hill Training

Moel FamauĀ  is the highest hill within the Clwydian Range, formally Flintshire Range, on the border between Denbighshire and Flintshire in Wales. The hill, which also gives its name to the Moel Famau country park, has been classed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1985. It is also surrounded by several well-preserved Iron-Age hill forts.

This is the place where I have been training for The Glencoe Marathon. I’m doing the race with a good friend of mine and we have both been out running in The Lake District and more closer to home in North Wales. It is fantastic to be able to run in this enviroment.

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I have been off the booze for an incredible 10 days. Which for me is great. I managed to do a 6 mile run on Sunday morning at a leisurely pace. It will now take me several months to stop sweating. I was going to have a rest today but the weather is still great so I went for a 3 miler after work. The hills in the background are the Clwydian Range. These are always in view when I do this 3 mile route.



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360 Calories Burnt

The novelty of running here in this beautiful environment still hasn’t worn off and i don’t think it ever will. Even in the depths of a cold wet winter i still love squelching around in the mud when i go for a run. That quarry is the one i endlessly mention on most of my mid week runs. Its 300 million year old carboniferous limestone rock and there is only about 20 years of it left to go. So when it runs out i’m going to have to look for somewhere else to run. 3.6 miles in the bag.

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Quarry 4 Miler Horses and Sheep

It started raining as soon as i took the first step of the run today. I’m not complaining just mildly moaning about it. This is my first foray into doing better distances in some hills. The combination of running and inclines is always a painful affair but i feel like i’m getting twice the workout in one session. I came across a Horse rider who was very pleased to see me and gave me a hearty and cheerful “Hello!” because the route i take is circular and i have to go round twice, on the 2nd encounter she seemed a bit awkward and just kind of nodded. I took a photo of this Sheep because it was staring at me after i finished my run but i didn’t take the picture in time and instead i got it’s arse.



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