Halkyn Mountain

It’s not a mountain but every hill in Wales is a mountain if it’s higher than where you are at that moment in time. This is where i went for a quick 3 mile run this afternoon after work. Very hot and sweaty. See that road? that hill never ends. The 2 dimensions of the picture are telling lies it is steep and so long.


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Loch Maree and hills.

My wife planned a run for me and my brother in-law to do with her this Sunday. She had the maps out a few weeks ago to sort out a trail run for herself in the hills around the town we live in. It started off OK as would any run that is flat and at a sensible pace but this soon turned into a very vertical run that seemed to go on forever. Then it was flatish for about half a mile which took us onto a very dodgy decent where if i had my skis they would have been a great benefit. 6 miles in total We were all hurting the next day.

Did a quick 4 miler around the quarry this afternoon.

Im off with a couple of mates to go Wild Camping and Canadian Canoeing next week in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland. Loch Maree and the islands on it are to be explored. I will take running kit and hopefully get some miles in with some spectacular scenery. Cant wait!

Loch Maree

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GPS Graffiti

After i had finished work i went out with the intention of doing some hill sprints or just old fashioned running fast getting my breath back and repeat until i feel sick. I also came up with a little plan where i try to “write” my name with the GPS. This failed as you can see from the result below unless my name is squiggly line which indeed it is not. So next time I’m gonna find a big field and make a better effort. Yes i felt sick at the end.


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The Quarry Run

Went for a run around the boundary of the quarry i work at and found a nice hill that extends for 300 meters or so where i did some …….well hill reps. I managed a total of 4 before my arse started asking for oxygen too. So i wobbled back and sprint finished the last 200 meters and just sat on a rock sweating until i could muster the energy to get my towel to wipe the torrent of sweat spraying out of my skin and drive home. I had a smile on my face for 30 seconds or so when i was on my way back. I think i’m learning very slowly how to enjoy this stuff again :)

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No Hangover!

I had the pace knocked out of me on this mornings run by a combination of sore legs and the choice of an undulating route. I can’t say i enjoyed it but having the massive blue sky and the sun rising did keep it well out of the miserable category. Usually nursing a severe hangover on a Saturday morning, this i have to say feels much better.


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Asics GEL-Stratus 3 Test Run

OK a mild hangover is not the best way to start a Sunday morning but despite that i set off on a run to try out my new Asics GEL-Stratus 3 which were sent to me from the people at DMS SPORTSWORLD. I went for a 4 miler on road and on the hilly parts of town where i live. I suppose the best test is to see if i come back hobbling with blisters which i am quite susceptible to. To be honest about half a mile into the run i wasn’t even thinking about my feet which ticks another box in my mind. Comfortable and no blisters.

Hangovers don’t make you run fast.

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Will I Miss It?

Soon i will be starting a new job and as such unable to run in the hills where i work now. In the 5 years i have been working here i have found loads of running routes which i take advantage of throughout the year. I have always found them challenging and can probably count on one hand the times where i have run and truly found pleasure. I think i will miss them they have became so familiar. I will still be working in quarry environments in new hills so i suppose i have the fun of finding new places to plod to come.

I went for a 4 miler in the hills today and as i was running i was saying in my head “i aint gonna miss this!” but i will. I took these last summer on my phone while out running.

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Fartlek, Hills, type of run

The sun came out this morning while i was at work so not to miss such a rare event i stopped what i was doing put my running kit on and went for a run in case it only lasted a short period. The blue sky was welcome but could not disguise the blood chilling temperatures outside. I ended up doing an odd sort of run. My legs were tired from yesterdays efforts so i just ran as hard as i could uphill which there are many where i was today and then sort of bimbled on the downhill bits.

Ran 4.23 miles in 39:04 @ 9:14 min/miles pace

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