Off, Run, Bowling

No work today so i got up early and went for a 4 miler. My legs were knackered after yesterdays efforts and after 3 miles i was really struggling. Gonna have a rest day tomorrow.

Now we are off bowling.

Ran 4.23 miles in 38:10 @ 9:01 min/miles pace

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Tempo Run

I went for a 4 miler and ran it at what is now my tempo pace. Info gathered from various sources based on my 10km times etc. I don’t like running at this pace for me it is very hard going and nowhere is flat round here except the beach which  is windy most of the time.

I also got an ipod shuffle today which i am very pleased with. I bought it from JogBlog who very kindly let me have it for a very reasonable price. Great for running. I had no idea it was so small :)

Ran 4.22 miles in 34:57 @ 8:17 min/miles pace,

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Tuesday 5 Miler

Went for a 5 miler at work this afternoon. This route is very undulating and according to some geeky graphs from the GPS data it involves a higher accent in elevation in total than decent but in my head that would make me finish at a higher point than when i started because i started and finished at the same point?

edit – so if the route was on the side of a larger hill in itself then that would answer the elevation conundrum which wasn’t a conundrum at all i just had to zoom out so to speak and geographically think bigger. I know this is obvious to most people but I’m a bit thick.

Ran 5.02 miles in 42:15 @ 8:24 min/miles pace,

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Hot Spot

3.5 miles in the hills yesterday which without any shadow of doubt was one of my best runs in months. I felt fitter and stronger all the way round. I went for a 4.5 miler at home this evening which was a bit of an effort after yesterdays pace.

I got a new pair of trainers recently and as such I’m getting sore bits on the back of my foot. It’s only a small area but the the little buggers sting like hell and the howling as i get into a bath jeeesh!!!

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So here we go…

The weekend just gone is my last excuse for drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverages. So as i pass 37 i intend to lose a couple of stone do a marathon this year and generally sort my health out. That first step was a quick 3.5 miler out in the hills at work this afternoon.

Bring on the salad!

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Snow Run

It started to snow so i finished work early. My wife was at home when i got there because she is crazy she suggested we go for a run and because i was educated in a secondary comprehensive i said yes. We went for a 4 miler.

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Heavy and Slow.

dragged my fat arse out into the very cold early morning air today with sore legs and the fear of the hill at mile 3 of this planned 4 miler. It was as bad as i thought it was going to be to.  I have lost a lot of fitness over the last 12 days or so which is not quite unexpected but still none the less painful. A couple of weeks of good training will soon get me back to a base level i can then build on but oh the pain.

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An Old Spot.

In the pursuit of trying to make this blog mildly interesting after an absence i decided to go for a run to a place i went to take some photos about 18 months ago. The picture in my blog banner is of me running down a country lane about 2 miles away from where i work. So in an effort to recreate the picture i went there today and this was the best i could do. The original picture (the one above) was taken sometime at the start of Winter………i think. Anyway it made a 4 mile run less mundane than the usual yomp.

Running at work. DSC033701

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