Juneathon 26. In The Footsteps Of Mallory.

I have just got back from another morning in the Mountains. I have been reading a biography on the late George Mallory. He spent a lot of his time in Snowdonia and i wanted to go to the places where he climbed. Today i went to a place called Craig Yr Ysfa. Which is a place Mallory and his mates used to climb a lot. A bonus to all this was that this location is quite close to a mountain called Tryfan a place where Sir Edmond Hillary and the 1952/53 Mount Everest team practiced climbs with all the Oxygen gear etc it’s also a place close to my heart because i nearly fell off the fucker last winter.

Anyway a great morning. I did a quick 4 miler for  for my Thrusday Juneathon.

DSC02791 DSC02805 26-06-2009 data

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Mount Snowdon. Juneathon.

I ain’t blogged for a few days but i have been active.  Just a few 2 or 3 milers up until yesterday where the wife and i went up Mount Snowdon. We have been up there a few times in the last few years but we did a different route on this one. Glorious weather all the up and down. A slight niggle on my left afterwards.  I will upload pictures when i can WordPress has gone bad.

Just got back from doing a 4 miler with Eva.  Went down to the seaside and did a bit of hill work on the way back.

Need to catch up with the blogs.

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Juneathon 10 Hill Work

I was hoping this GPS track shown on Google Earth would get across how steep the hills were where i did some running this afternoon but it looks like i just ran around a flat field. This quite small circular route is on top of a hill called Moel Fendig. It has 3 peaks on it with steep troughs in between (if that makes sense?). Anyway it was very hard running to the top where i had a quick breather followed by 4X loops of those 3 peaks and back to the start.

Legs are killing me.


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Juneathon the 9th Sony Walkman.

Back out into the hills this afternoon for a quick 3 miler. That’s all Juneathon is getting out of me today. On another note i got stopped by the Police today while driving out and about at work for a routine breathalyser test, i got zero of course but still felt quite nervous. So much so that when he asked me my age i got it wrong.


sw3 sw1
I was kindly sent a Sony Walkman W from a nice chap called Huw to try out. This 2 gig mp3 player was built for people who train with music. I would say 70% of my runs are with tunes blasting in my ears/. I find I run faster and just have more enjoyment from what is essentially quite a lonely workout in running medium to long distances. I have had this for a few weeks now and use it a lot. Changing music on the player is as simple as plugging in the USB and mounting the device on a funky looking little tower then dragging and dropping your music files. I don’t want a fiddly lump of software just to transfer music and the simplicity of this I found very appealing. It is very comfortable to use and you have little rubber grommets in different sizes that you can change to fit if you so wish.

Also. I was asked to create the ultimate running playlist for this MP3 Player and i came up with this.

  1. Golden Brown – The Stranglers. A slow tempo to ease into the run plus it’s a great tune.
  2. Idoteque – Radiohead – Just easing into the second mile and a bit of mania.
  3. Rockafeller Skank  – Fat Boy Slim. This song was made for runners a great tempo.
  4. Sun Always Shines On TV – A-Ha. I know I know but listen to the pace of it another great song to run by. Plus it reminds me of Middle School days.
  5. Burning Love – Elvis. Obvious really the king makes me run well.
  6. Thunder in my heart – Leo Sayer. Picking the pace up and to show I’m not a music snob.
  7. Cannonball – Breeders – Mad tune.
  8. Get your Leather On – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The more I listen to this when I run the better it gets.
  9. All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix. When the opening chords blast out into my poor eardrums the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
  10. Paradise City – Guns N Roses. Something nice and easy to finish off with.
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Juneathon 1st Week.

Got up early and went for a windy 4 miler down the beach. That’s the first week of Juneathon out of the way and ive really enjoyed it. Reading all the other Junethoners blogs has been inspiring. Bring on week 2.

Juneathon week 1 totals:  Run 32 Miles – Cycle 20 Miles – Press ups …… 2.


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On The 5th Day Of Juneathon.

With the sage advice from Highway Kind ringing in my ears as i put on my trainers this afternoon i went for a slow 5 miler. I couldn’t get the bike out because there are 2 Juneathoners in my house and the other half wanted to go for a run when i got back from work. I have to have the kids while she plods so just no time if i want to eat and wash etc.

Really enjoying reading the other Juneathon bloggers, very interesting to see how people are tackling this month. Picked up some new runners blogs on the way to which is great.

Have a great weekend.


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Juneathon 2nd Day

A brutal 6.8 miles in the mid afternoon heat and in some very steep hills. This realy was a killer. I set out very keen indeed and ran at just under 8 min/mile pace for the first 2 miles. This it turned out was not the done thing in these hills and this weather. I flaked badly. I had no intention of going over 6 miles but i took a slight wrong turn.

Realy enjoyed reading the other blogs on day 1 well done everyone. Inspired by other Juneathoners i am going to have a crack at doing loads of press ups, sit ups and dips. Not today though, not today!


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Run In The Hills

At work i went for a quick 3.5 mile run at the second attempt. I say second because the first time i walked outside it was cold and raining and i wimped out and went back indoors for half an hour. It calmed down and off i went. This area is very hilly and the first mile or so is just a killer. A dog came running after me as i passed a farm and it had a muzzle on which was good news this did not stop me from running faster for a brief period of time.


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