A 4.5 Shuffle

Man i was sore today. Not used to all this running malarky. This isn’t a moan i swear but this is what my weekdays are like now.

  • 05:30 Wake up!
  • 06:00 Drive to work
  • 07:00 Work
  • 17:30 Drive Home
  • 18:30 Arrive Home
  • 18:30 Go for a Run (managed a 4.5 miler today)
  • 19:30 Shower
  • 19:45 Feed the baby or cook dinner.
  • 20:30 Get daughter ready for bed brush teeth read a story.
  • 20:50 Wash up get food ready for next day.
  • 21:30 10 or 20 mins Internet.
  • 22:00 Bed.

Something like that anyway.

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It is so good to be back running after having over a week of doing nothing. I must admit it was hard to get my arse out there but once i did it changes everything from the way i eat to the energy i have during the day. I know for a fact that without running i would soon turn into a 20 stone lazy monster.

Another 4 miler this morning and then we all went swimming which was great fun. Yes i know i look just great with my Speedo goggles :)

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Hill Work

It all sounds quite easy on paper. 10 reps of 200 meter uphill, jog down to recover. That was what i had a crack at doing this afternoon. After the 3rd rep i was blowing out of my arse it was just so hard. I think this obviously shows a lack of aerobic fitness and something i need to work on. I could only manage 8 and now that i have recovered i feel a bit let down i suppose its good to get a kick up the butt at this point and not just a few weeks before the Marathon when its to late to do something about it.

My wife still hasn’t popped our son out yet, 1 day overdue now.

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