Toe Repair

The big toe has healed well and as such i managed to get out for a 3 mile run after work. I missed out on running in all the glorious sunshine we had here in the UK (officially a heat wave by our standards) which was frustrating. Anyway I'm back at it and have been searching around for a good 10km training programme to tackle.

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I set out this morning to do a good old fashioned Sunday long, slow plod but instead it turned into a sweaty hard 4 miler with a bloody headache. Never mind it was full blue sky’s and no one beeped at me today.



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A beautiful morning to go for a plod down to the beach. I got beeped at by an idiot on my way back. You have reached the very apex twatness if you find it necessary to beep your horn at someone out running.

saturday morning run


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Quarry 4 Miler Horses and Sheep

It started raining as soon as i took the first step of the run today. I’m not complaining just mildly moaning about it. This is my first foray into doing better distances in some hills. The combination of running and inclines is always a painful affair but i feel like i’m getting twice the workout in one session. I came across a Horse rider who was very pleased to see me and gave me a hearty and cheerful “Hello!” because the route i take is circular and i have to go round twice, on the 2nd encounter she seemed a bit awkward and just kind of nodded. I took a photo of this Sheep because it was staring at me after i finished my run but i didn’t take the picture in time and instead i got it’s arse.



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Sunday morning pain.

If we gained fitness at the same rate we lost it we would all be elite athletes after one weekend of training…..probably. I say that because today's humble 3 miler felt like the pain you feel at the 10 mile point in a half marathon for the average runner. It was sunny though and it is so good to run outside for a change. Sprints tomorrow after work, I'm dreading it.



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Halkyn Mountain

It’s not a mountain but every hill in Wales is a mountain if it’s higher than where you are at that moment in time. This is where i went for a quick 3 mile run this afternoon after work. Very hot and sweaty. See that road? that hill never ends. The 2 dimensions of the picture are telling lies it is steep and so long.


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3 Miler 1 Friendly Dog Walker

I tend to avoid dogs I have been bitten a couple of times while out running and I just end up going mental at the owner. So to avoid that i just keep away as much as I can. Today I went for a run out in the sticks and it’s quite hilly just as I came to a crest of one of the hills I was greeted by a beaming lady with 3 dogs. No idea what type but small and yappy. She said hello as I went past and I said hello back but she said something else which caused me to stop. I explained I couldn’t quite make out what she said. She went on to say that she often sees me out running and was wondering how far I run? We chatted about running and it turns out she was a runner in her younger days. She genuinely missed it and said she was jealous when she sees runners like myself out plodding around. She can’t run now due to ill-health but for the rest of that run I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. It made me realise how much I just take this for granted and in fact moan about it a lot.


I’m very lucky I can run. Even if it is slow and hard. I can still run.

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That Was Great

The Olympics have just finished and there are a lot of glum people at work. I’m looking forward to the Paralympics now which is just a week and a bit away. It was great to see so many people out running over the period. I’m usually quite cynical when we get the New Year runners and don’t see them in February but this was different. I saw parents out running with their kids and it was obvious it was a new thing. Great stuff.

I haven’t posted in ages but i have been out running around. I have no plans at the moment but i am seriously looking at doing a triathlon sometime next year. Time to dust down the speedos and get the bike out.

The people who do these things sent me a lovely pair of Polaroid sunglasses. I don’t usually wear glasses when i’m out running but these were of a different quality. Slightly heavier (in a good way) than others i have tried and when i put them on i did let out a surprised “oh!” because these sat very nicely on my big nose. There was a good gap for ventilation something i suffer from horrendously because of the amount of sweat i generate. It was so nice running without squinting and i thought they looked ok. I was going to say cool but a bloke in his late 30’s saying that is not cool. Now a part of my running kit and good for everyday stuff.


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