Sod It!

I was looking out of the window watching the rain come down when a runner came past without a care in the world absolutely soaking and blissfully plodding on. Inspired, i got my kit on and set off with the intention of doing about 6 miles or so. When i got to the 6 mile point i was feeling good and decided to do another 2.

Completed 8 miles in 1h 11mins. So just under 9 minuite / mile. Not to bad but the main thing is i felt good all the way round. A fantastic run in the rain.

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Following a very loose running schedule today called for a very easy 4 miles. This kind of implies that i can change gear and go faster if the schedule says so. At the moment i have one speed and that is slow. Nevertheless it was nice to run slowly because i had to.

This weeks efforts.

A total of 15.80 Miles not bad for a fat bloater.

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Sheep Man

After i finished work i went for a run around the quarry. The land around this big hole in the ground is common land and as such Sheep freely walk around wherever they want and that includes just outside my office. Anyway about a mile into this slow run (legs buggered from yesterdays sprints) a country looking farmer type bloke in his 60’s shouted at me “ARE YOU POLISH?”. I looked over myself thinking what could possibly make him think that? i said “no” because i’m not. I said “Why?” he said “i said good afternoon to you and you just ignored me”. After explaining to him that I’m deaf in one ear (I’m not but that’s all i could think of) we got chatting about all his Sheep and how he had lived here all his life. This went on for ages and I’m cutting short all the details to spare you the pain. He went on for a solid 15 minutes with me just nodding like a dick. I was freezing made my excuses and finished the run saying goodbye to Trevor.

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Frozen Planet

Or about 4 degrees or so but I’m in wimp mode. So unfit. I went out with the intention of doing 4 miles. I did 2.7. Not to disappointed but I am far from my best. So with a shrug and heavy uncontrolled breathing I went home.

It’s a start.

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The Quarry Run

Went for a run around the¬†boundary¬†of the quarry i work at and found a nice hill that extends for 300 meters or so where i did some …….well hill reps. I managed a total of 4 before my arse started asking for oxygen too. So i wobbled back and sprint finished the last 200 meters and just sat on a rock sweating until i could muster the energy to get my towel to wipe the torrent of sweat spraying out of my skin and drive home. I had a smile on my face for 30 seconds or so when i was on my way back. I think i’m learning very slowly how to enjoy this stuff again :)

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Treadmill Init.

Far to windy and blowy to be out running (still in wimp stage) So i popped over to the gym for a burst on the treadmill. The person next to me who was walking at a gentle pace as i was pounding away decided it was appropriate to strike up a conversation and because i’m not confident enough to tell her to shut the f#ck up, i responded. So we were yakking away for the whole 5 miles.

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And so it continues. I went for a cheeky 3 miler during my lunch break at work this afternoon. This is a hard distance for me to complete in any dignified manner at the moment. I know i will look back on this stage and think how the hell did i let myself get in that state?

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