16 Week Marathon Training Plan

The date of my first marathon in 2017 is 12 weeks away from the 1st of January. So I have to start…..now! I use these long schedules as a framework to base my training around. I have learnt over the years that I cannot comply with the schedule exactly because life will, of course, get in the way. I am going to  catch a cold in those 12 weeks or some sort of injury. Something will  get in the way and I will miss sessions. I don’t try to catch up by doubling up on a session, I pick up where I am and carry on.

Below is the basic framework of my schedule. Although this is a 16-week plan, I have been training and will continue to train throughout December anyway. On some of the days off, I will cross train with some swimming sessions and circuit training. I’m at the stage where I  need to rest between runs because of fatigue and general wear and tear.

I’m looking forward to a great start to the New Year.


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Slow Twitch Muscle Fibre. Sunday 7.

Training for the Kielder Forest Night Marathon started today. I have been reading about training at different paces to enable targeting specific muscle groups. I have largely ignored this to my own peril. That ignorance becomes evident whenever I do any sort of endurance race or training. Finally, the penny drops.

So today I went for a slowish plod around the Alwen Dam. Probably one of the most enjoyable runs I have had in years. There is a massive hill at the halfway point and I cruised up this. Usually, I would be blowing out of my arse on this incline. I know I have to mix the runs up with regards to pace but I am my own worst enemy and a complete hypocrite when It comes to training advice. I can talk a good game but I never actually do it. So this hopefully is the start of a more focused and smart training.


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