Glencoe Marathon 2014

Just got back from a weekend in Scotland after finishing The Glencoe Marathon on Sunday. This was my second marathon my first being The Snowdon Marathon.

The whole race was off road uphill, downhill through a marsh, streams and rocky ground. It had everything. I did it with a good friend of mine who roped me into entering it a few months ago. I know the area from previous adventures, camping and kayaking etc.

The first 6 miles takes you up the beautiful Glencoe pass which is flanked either side by magnificent mountains. Then you go up “The Devils Staircase” which is not famous for it’s flat profile. A long drop down to a small village called Kinlochleven which is the 13 mile point and also the starting place for the half marathon runners. It’s also the place we stayed in over the weekend. Then it’s up again and I would say this is where it started to get really tough for me. At the 19 mile point I was in bits but thankfully there was a fuel station at the 20 mile point where I gorged on Bananas and Cheese (yep a cheeseboard). We then carried on through undulating rocky paths and into a wooded area which mercifully descended to the finish line. A great experience one which I will do again.

We finished and enjoyed a free hog roast roll.

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Chester Half Marathon 2012

I trained quite well for this or at least i thought i did up until 2 weeks before the race. I got a bit of a chest infection and couldn’t run that well. I decided to do it anyway. I’m glad i did we had a great day and it’s one of the best races i have been in. 5000+ racers took to the streets and it was great weather with an awesome atmosphere.

At 10 miles i got found out and i was in a lot of pain for the final 3 miles 1 hour 59 minutes. A bit disappointed with the time (pb:1 hour 47 mins)

Still a very enjoyable day. Great T-Shirt to.

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Flint 10km Race Report.

Never done this race before but I will do it next year for sure. Me and my other half did this yesterday. This is my first race in a long time and with the lack of training I wasn’t expecting to get under 60 minute but I got a time of 54:45 which is a few minutes over my PB so I was very pleased with that time.Good atmosphere and no faffing about at the start. Bring on the next race.




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Flint 10km

I have with some trepidation entered a race for this coming Sunday. A 10k but I haven’t stepped a foot over 6 miles in ages. Anyway doing the run with my other half so should be ok. Training so far has been.

Slow 4 miler – Sunday
Hilly 2 miler – Wednesday
Very Hilly 3 miler – Today.

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Anglesey Half Marathon

I did it in 1 hour 55 mins. That’s my chip time. This is the same time i got at the Sheffield Half but the course at Anglesey is a lot tougher with some very long hills and the last 3 miles is just one long uphill struggle so i am quite pleased with the time i got. I know if i lose a couple of stone i can knock a lot of time off that.

The race was fantastically organised. We had to get a coach to the start line and they all left on the time advertised. We met and had a good chat with the great Colin Jackson minutes before the race (he’s a lot taller than i imagined) We had blue sky’s and there was a distinct nip in the air. When we set off i had no plans i just run and see what happens. I got chatting to a bloke at mile 3 who was a barrister working in Manchester. We were yacking for a good couple of miles and before i knew it we were half way round. The course itself gives you amazing views of Snowdonia. We mostly ran along country roads with the odd handful of spectators here and there. Plenty of fuel and water stops hosted by the local cadet force. I felt OK most of the way round and even managed to pass plenty of people on the hills but the last 3 miles were an absolute killer. I loved it i had a great day and had an awesome post race buzz all day. I am now in tatters.

My wife and brother in law did the race as well. You can read her side of the story here.

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Nick Beer 10km 2010

What is the worst thing you could do to prepare for a race the day before? well let me tell you what i did i had a few beers on Friday felt rough Saturday morning so decided the best thing to do was continue drinking. Drank beer all day rang everyone on my mobile phone and bored them to death with stupid drunken banter. Made a complete arse of myself on Facebook by typing in stupid messages all day long and ate a massive Chicken Kebab with extra chilli sauce.

Despite all this and with some help from my lovely wife i managed to get my fat arse to the start line along with 500 other runners. I felt sick,dizzy and in no fit state to go charging around the Great Orme. The race was fantastic i felt ok as we trudged up the steep first 5km’s and i finished feeling strong but knowing i gave everything.

A great day but i will never ever drink again before a race…………………………i promise!

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Juneathon Middle Bit.

Went for a quick 4 miler this evening. The numbers arrived for a 10km race we have entered this Sunday which route is along a River bank in the shadow of a Castle near a local Sainsburys.


Running Prestatyn 16-06-2009

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Got a PB!!!

Just got back from doing the Nick Beer 10km Road Race and i got a pb of 48.07. Well chuffed with this time after the crap preparation. Everyone shot off like a bolt at the start but the first 5km is all uphill and what a bloody hill. So i held back and just plodded on in a normal sort of training mode pace. After about 4km the patience paid off and i started picking off people one by one.

The downhill bit i just let fly but i still found this quite hard going. I had a good strong finish. The best and most pleasing thing about all this was i didn’t hide at all and gave it everything i had.

nick-beer-race-026 nick-beer-race-007 nick-beer-race-008 nick-beer-race-009 nick-beer-race-010 nick-beer-race-019 nick-beer-race-021 nick-beer-race-023

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