More Paddling.

Last Sunday me and Gaz went for a 17 mile paddle down the River Conwy in the Canadian Canoe. It took us just over 5 hours and as such for a couple of days afterwards i was walking around like an ironing board due to the incredible pain in all my muscles. I managed to do a 3 miler in the week and i have just got back from doing a 4 miler in the hills. Rubbish training so far but i will soon sort it out.

so1 so4 so5 so3

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Half Marathon Training.

The Reading Half Marathon is next on the list (i have a list). This is in March so not really that long to train but just enough i think to get my arse around in some sort of order. I had a days rest after Sundays race. On Tuesday i went for a 4 miler and another 4 miler today.

This is that list.

  1. Nick Beer 10km
  2. Reading Half Marathon
  3. Chester Half Marathon

Hey no one said it was a long list.

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