Plodding On

The mileage is a bit low at the mo. Just getting out and ticking off 2 or 3 miles. Night shifts are killing me i’m not an Owl for f’s sake!

Anyway gonna have a good crack at double figures this weekend.

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Hopefully it will snow some more tonight because i found some great looking wintry scenes as i was driving about at work today but i didn’t have my camera with me. Went running in it and found it all a bit odd running around in cold slosh in October.

4.5 miles yesterday and 4.2 miles today.

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Non Digital Blog

Due to me not using my PC for a long time and thus not post any blogs for a week or so i still managed to keep an offline blog going admitadley with gaps (nothing new there)

Training has been going well and it’s time to get the GPS back on so i can post times etc.

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Nothing wrong just working nights this weeks. After doing a 12 hour night shift noooo running. I did win a swimming race last weekend and will post pics etc when i get the photos off my camera etc.

Hope you all have a great weekend………im bloody working :)

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A 4.5 Shuffle

Man i was sore today. Not used to all this running malarky. This isn’t a moan i swear but this is what my weekdays are like now.

  • 05:30 Wake up!
  • 06:00 Drive to work
  • 07:00 Work
  • 17:30 Drive Home
  • 18:30 Arrive Home
  • 18:30 Go for a Run (managed a 4.5 miler today)
  • 19:30 Shower
  • 19:45 Feed the baby or cook dinner.
  • 20:30 Get daughter ready for bed brush teeth read a story.
  • 20:50 Wash up get food ready for next day.
  • 21:30 10 or 20 mins Internet.
  • 22:00 Bed.

Something like that anyway.

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It’s been ages since i have posted just in case you didn’t notice. That is if anyone comes here anymore (i’m not moaning honest)

I’m trying my best to get back into running again but it’s very hard at the moment (more doom and gloom) I blame the credit crunch. :)

I promise i will start running tommorow.

Anyway here’s a picture of us lot down the beach this morning while all those nutters (and Warrier Women) were doing the Great North Run.

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Penrhyn Castle

Just got back from Penrhyn Castle. Nearly got recruited into the National Trust to fix and repair footpaths in Snowdonia.

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Another pause for the cause. Back to it this morning. I went for a 6 miler and it hurt like hell. I felt great afterwards though.

We’re all going to a Castle today just up the coast if my legs can manage it.

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