It is so good to be back running after having over a week of doing nothing. I must admit it was hard to get my arse out there but once i did it changes everything from the way i eat to the energy i have during the day. I know for a fact that without running i would soon turn into a 20 stone lazy monster.

Another 4 miler this morning and then we all went swimming which was great fun. Yes i know i look just great with my Speedo goggles :)

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4 Miler at last.

I promise i will stop bleating on about being up most of the night from now on…………………………..i was up most of the night last night.

I managed to get these legs out and do a 4 miler this morning i feel like i have piled on a few pounds in the week i have done nothing in the form of exercercise. The run went well though.

Best of luck to JogBlog who is doing the 3 peaks challenge this weekend. I hope to see her at the top of Snowdon on Monday.

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I’m gonna try and get out for some sort of run this weekend but getting up 3 or 4 times a night is taking it’s toll on my enthusiasm to go.

Must get my lazy arse out there!

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First Run

I managed to get out and do a quick 4 miler this afternoon.  Ive had very little sleep over the last few days but that’s to be expected but it still doesn’t change the shock of having to be awake every 2 or 3 hours. So we are now doing a sort of shift pattern so at least we can get a few hours sleep at a time.

The 4 miles went well though and all that hill work from the previous week has paid off.

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Just a quick update. Tom is fine and Ev is fine. A couple of snaps from today. My daughter Amelia has been fantastic and is getting invoved with everything. That little mark on his cheek is where he scratched himself, he has huge nails.

And many thanks for the kind comments all shown to Eva and she says Thank You!!

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Tom has arrived!!!!

Tom was born just a couple of hours ago. He weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and is doing very well. No problems with the birth. Eva is ok she is rather knackered now. Ive been sent home to get a few hours kip but i can’t sleep because of the huge buzz!! He arrived at 03:15.

EDIT: We are all at home now and all is well just very very tired. He is feeding well and Ev is doing an awesome job. Our daughter Amelia who is just over 3 has been a star and is already all protective over her lil bro. I can’t believe they let me be a dad its just the best thing in the world. Now here’s to the next year or so without any sleep ……………..again! :)

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Rare Chickens.

A fantastic 5 miler this morning. I felt really light throughout the whole run even on the hills. It was a calm morning which helps and not to warm. These type of runs are very rare for me but when they do come along it is a very euphoric feeling.

Have a great weekend.

5 days overdue now someone is coming around from the hospital to check her out.

EDIT: another change to the theme i was getting fed up with the dark theme so ive gone for this lighter thing. The banner is gonna be changed over this weekend aswel.

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Went for a 6 miler yesterday and another 6 miler today. Very windy and because the route i take outbound is just one long line the wind is in my face for half the run so by the time i turn around to go back i am pooped. Good times for me though :)

3rd day overdue.

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