Sunday Morning

Traditionally Sunday mornings are for a long run amongst most runners and i suppose the question could be asked how long is a long run? I suppose it’s all relative to the person doing it. Anyway thats what i heard.

I got up quite early to the annoying electronic noises from the kids keyboard my daughter is into at the moment and just went into auto mode and put my kit on like i do every Sunday morning.  I find my GPS has only got 1 hour left so i put it on charge for 20 minutes and joined the little one in trying to make music.

I get my arse outside and slowly plod on. Avoiding the puke patches and empty beer cans on some of the pavements i make it to the beech and find about 10 or 15 tents pitched up on the sea front. This constitutes an invasion on epic scales around these parts. Must be students. I say hello to 2 or 3 Dog walkers but secectly i’m checking to see if they have those poo bags.

8 miles later which was supposed to be 12 i finish off.  I love Sunday mornings and thats my long run…….relatively speaking

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Blog is back.

Ok so i have gone over to WordPress. This a temporary theme so sorry about the constant change etc.

I went out for a 4 miler this morning and i am going back out out later for a quick 3 miler.  Gonna have another crack going over 10 miles tommorow. Im dreading the day i have to hit 20 miles.

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