Back Running

I’ve had about a month off from running and today was my first proper run in ages. I have a cross country half marathon coming up early in the new year. I’m doing this in an effort to keep off the mince pies and booze and I have some micro adventures in the run up to the festive season.

So far though 3 miles is hard work for me. I know I will be back to pounding out good mileage in a couple of weeks but it never gets easier. I love it.


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The Lost Paddle

Padarn is a lake (Llyn – Welsh) at the base of Mount Snowdon. We take the Kayaks here a few times a year. The best time is during the depths of winter where you get those still, cold days and the reflection the mountains on the lake are stunning. It can get quite busy in the summer months and the area is prone to clouds of Midges in the morning. 

On this day me and my son were out in the middle of the lake on the open canoe and I dropped a really expensive hand crafted paddle in the water while trying to take a photo of my boy. The lake is black and with the slight ripples being created by the wind and the few seconds it took me to put my camera down I completely lost sight of it. This isn’t my paddle it’s my best mates and I was in a panic to say the least. About 10 minutes of frantic searching I was ready to give up and face the embarrassment and shame of such a stupid thing to do when suddenly my son shouts “there it is dad!!” Like a hero he grabbed it and chucked it back in the boat and I sat back in pure relief. When we got to shore we never spoke a word of the incident to anyone until now.


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On Sunday I went for a 14 miler with a mate around the Alwen Dam. I haven't run double figures for ages and the day before I did a 10 miler in the hills on my mountain bike. Needless to say I was fucked by the 10 mile point. I couldn't do the last mile so I walked. My mate went on and finished the run in good shape. I wasn't disappointed as I really enjoyed it and know I will do better next time with some proper rest.

I have been trying out these Adidas Ultra Boosts over the last few weeks. First of all I think they look great. The one system cushioning on this shoe is a nice change to some of the overcomplicated gear that has been flooding the market. Adidas have really mastered the Boost system from the stuff they were doing a couple of years ago. When I run I usually land on the heel but found myself striking more from the midsole with these. This had a more comfortable and positive feel. When you pull the trainers on they fit over the foot like a reinforced sock. Naturally squeezing and supporting the foot. I like the way they have put the Adidas stripes in a cage that then fits around this sock …………..thing.

Overall these are high quality running trainers. I would only wear these on the road as I was slipping all over the place when I went off the beaten track but they weren't designed for that sort of use.



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I received some brand new GripLock™ socks from Sockmine. Who have now become the place to go if you need good socks that are sold at a good price and made for runners. These new Griplocks have a revolutionary new technology. The unique construction follows the contours of your foot, for ultimate comfort and control.  The silicone adhering to your foot, removes the friction and therefore prevents blisters.

I did get sent 2 pairs but the others are in the wash (after a 10km training run) so I could only take a photo of this particular colour. They performed as advertised.

Socks are available in a variety of colours and thickness.


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Build Your Running Body

“A total-body fitness plan for all distance runners from milers to ultramarathoners” Is part of the blurb on the front cover of Build Your Running Body by Pete Magill, Thomas Schwartz and Melisa Breyer.

Bob Anderson the founder of Runners World has called this book “The Best Running Book Ever” I havent read all the running books yet but when i have i will let you know if he is right or not.

The first thing i liked about this book is it's weight and size and I realise that's a bit odd but I know i will continually come back to this for some tips and references during the years to come. It feels right and is a joy to flip through. While I have read a few chapters and not the whole thing (it's not a story) the stuff that is in there is relevent, interesting and really well laid out. More than that it's a tool and something that has already put me in the right direction with questions i have been asking myself for years.

The best thing apart from the 393 photos for me is the book is referenced so well. So if it says something like ” To prevent injury in that particular area try replacing the temo run (page 43) to a slow jog” This doesn't get in the way at all.

It is packed with 10 comprehensive training programmes for runners of all levels that can be easily integrated into daily routines • Exercises to prevent injury and rehabilitate common running ailments, nutrition advice and much much more.

This really is a great book.



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Lunch Beach Run

I managed to get away for a nice 4 miler during my lunch break at work today. I had to do a super stealthy get into my shorts so no one sees my butt move, where I parked up because this was a bit of an impromptu run.

The weather here in the UK is glorious at the moment so I'm trying to take as much advantage as I can.



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