I received some brand new GripLock™ socks from Sockmine. Who have now become the place to go if you need good socks that are sold at a good price and made for runners. These new Griplocks have a revolutionary new technology. The unique construction follows the contours of your foot, for ultimate comfort and control.  The silicone adhering to your foot, removes the friction and therefore prevents blisters.

I did get sent 2 pairs but the others are in the wash (after a 10km training run) so I could only take a photo of this particular colour. They performed as advertised.

Socks are available in a variety of colours and thickness.


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Build Your Running Body

“A total-body fitness plan for all distance runners from milers to ultramarathoners” Is part of the blurb on the front cover of Build Your Running Body by Pete Magill, Thomas Schwartz and Melisa Breyer.

Bob Anderson the founder of Runners World has called this book “The Best Running Book Ever” I havent read all the running books yet but when i have i will let you know if he is right or not.

The first thing i liked about this book is it's weight and size and I realise that's a bit odd but I know i will continually come back to this for some tips and references during the years to come. It feels right and is a joy to flip through. While I have read a few chapters and not the whole thing (it's not a story) the stuff that is in there is relevent, interesting and really well laid out. More than that it's a tool and something that has already put me in the right direction with questions i have been asking myself for years.

The best thing apart from the 393 photos for me is the book is referenced so well. So if it says something like ” To prevent injury in that particular area try replacing the temo run (page 43) to a slow jog” This doesn't get in the way at all.

It is packed with 10 comprehensive training programmes for runners of all levels that can be easily integrated into daily routines • Exercises to prevent injury and rehabilitate common running ailments, nutrition advice and much much more.

This really is a great book.



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Lunch Beach Run

I managed to get away for a nice 4 miler during my lunch break at work today. I had to do a super stealthy get into my shorts so no one sees my butt move, where I parked up because this was a bit of an impromptu run.

The weather here in the UK is glorious at the moment so I'm trying to take as much advantage as I can.



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Shorts Sun Run

Running in the afternoon after a busy day at work in the sun has to be one of the best ways to unwind. It used to be a bottle of wine and a massive meal. That day when it's warm enough to just slap on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt and just go for a plod is the most rewarding time of the running year for me. Yes finishing a race is good but the real soul of it all is that run. Im having a great time training at the moment but the funny thing is I have no races or goals. I am simply enjoying running again. It's a rare thing but when its here the world seems a great place.



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paddle lock maree

I have just got back from a 7 day Holiday/Expedition in the remote parts of north-west Scotland. We kayaked out to an island on a huge loch and wild camped there for a few days in our hammocks. Enjoying the sun, drinking single malt whiskeys and even going for a swim. The weather was fantastic. We finished it off with a road trip to the Isle Of Skye which I have to say is one of the most stunning places in the UK.

Anyway so training resumes and this week was hard for me with a

  • Wednesday 3 Miler
  • Thursday swim
  • Friday 4 miler

Looking forward to a great weekend of running.

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A slippy, wet,cold and hard run this afternoon but a nice way to finish off the working week. Plans are in place for some great races coming up.


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Cold Run

This is the first run of this winter where I let out a little YELP! as I clambered out of my van to go for a run in the hills. The reason for this uncontrollable wimpy noise was because of the cold. Up here in the high grounds of North Wales it tends to be a few degrees colder than other places and with the wind it’s just not sociable. That or my old body just can’t hack it anymore.

A pleasant 3 miles unfolded after the yelp. I need to get some trail running shoes because I was all over the place in the mud.


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A Run With A Friend

Went for a six miler this morning along the beach front with a mate of mine who recently finished The Snowdon Marathon in under 3.5 hours. Cold and crisp with no wind, perfect for a nice Sunday plod. Always a pleasure to run with someone else.

run with rob

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