Yes Green

With all this green stuff pouring out of my lungs and nose (apologies if you were eating) I haven’t done much running but I have been booking races. All of them night runs. The first one is a 5 miler on bonfire night in Delemere Forest. Then we are off to to the Lake District to take part in the Grizedale Forest Night Runner 10km. We did this race last year in Santa hats and had a lot of fun. The best time that night was done by a bloke in a skin tight green costume wearing working Christmas lights. Then later on in the New Year it’s back to marathons with a night run in the kielder forest night marathon.

This weekend is Kayaking and wild camping with my daughter and good friends. I’m staying off my feet for long periods of time until this gloop has said its last goodbyes from lungs.

  • This Year 474.3
  • This Month 21.2 (not well)


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Keeping Still

Having broken ribs is a great way to relax. You should try it. No don’t it’s awful, you can’t laugh, sneeze, cough or look to the side in a swift manner. What it can do is make an otherwise active person reflect and then plan on what you can do when you get better. Being forced to do nothing is a great way to remind you how much you love getting out. I desperately want to go for a small run or jump on my bike for a spin but I can’t. Sometimes when i’m fit and healthy I can’t believe I give these opportunities a miss.

I know that first plod or bike ride is going to hurt but it will be one of the best. We are in the process of planning another trip to Scotland towards the end of March 2016. I have had time to pour over the maps and look at all the western islands we plan to explore. That all seems a bit of a dream from my perspective right now but I know I will be sitting in some beautiful landscape after a great day with wee dram and massive smile on my face come the early spring.

So get the hammer out and give the rib cage a good whack!! and relax.

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Viral Infection

I went for a run this morning and broke down after about one mile. I just felt ill and couldn’t breath properly. I have had a nasty chesty cough but I thought I had shifted it.

Managed to finish three miles by walking and jogging.

Edit – must be ill just came back from a session in the new gym I joined. Now pooped.

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So i start the New Year

with one of the worst colds ever recorded in the history of the Human Race. That is to say i am a man who has a bit of the sniffles. A new year resolution was to try to keep this blog up to date which means i run more and find the motivation to do so. So because i can’t run at the moment i thought i would post something.

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