Run Up Mount Snowdon


Way back in the old days I ran the Snowdon Marathon. This is mostly a road race and doesn’t take in the summit of Mount Snowdon. Towards the end of this July I am going to fix that missing piece by running to the peak in the Snowdon Half Marathon.

I have been to the top many times but these were all done as a walk taking in the stunning scenery in this National Park.

I had to take a week off training because of the below post and this has actually been a blessing in disguise as I needed the rest. Training has resumed and while I have lost a small amount of fitness it’s nothing that can’ be fixed in the next few weeks.


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Camping Snowdonia.

Me and my son decided to go out for a night of camping near Capel Curig in Snowdonia. It’s a short drive for me and a pleasure to spend some quality time with my boy (away from the girls) in a place we both love. It’s a working farm set amongst the mountains with views of Mount Snowdon near a lake. We had a great evening sitting around the fire stuffing our faces and putting the world to rights.

At about 06:30 I awoke with a bladder that felt like the size of a hot air balloon. Once the balloon was let down so to speak I looked across the lake to see the sun rising. It was simply stunning. Tom woke up and put his chin on my shoulder looking out to the scene and after a few minutes said “it’s too nice”


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Snowdonia Wild Camp And Paddle

Gaz has got a couple of new boats to add to his growing collection. The¬†Wenonah Prospector has long been on the list and it was all about trying this out with the kids on Llyn Dinas. We all had a great paddle but after a couple of hours the wind started to pick up so we headed off into the mountains to set up ¬†camp. My boy Tom has been camping many times but this was his first wild camp. Gary’s son James and my daughter Amelia have been wild camping on many occasions and now take it all in there stride. We ended up in a lovely spot in a forest. My daughter likes the comfort of the hammock and the rest of us slept under tarps. We got a small fire on the go and had a great night.


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