Nick Beer 10km Race and New Trainers

These trainers arrived on my doorstep on Friday from These are Under Armour
Mens Speedform Turbulence Running Shoes. I needed a pair of road trainers. These are my first Under Armour running shoes. I have a lot of this brands gear now and I like the quality. However it must look like Under Armour are sponsoring slightly overweight middle age men when people see me out training.

Anyway this weekend was the 25th anniversary of the Nick Beer 10km road race around the Great Orme in North Wales. So this was a perfect opportunity to try these trainers out in that race. They do say you shouldn’t use new trainers in a race but these were so comfortable the moment I put them on. They performed superbly in that I never even thought about any discomfort throughout the whole race. I’m going to give it a few weeks before I do a full review but so far so good.

The race was great. The wind came in and joined the great atmosphere as did the cold. I got under the hour mark with a 53.20 and was pleased with that.

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Why wearing the right footwear is important during a workout

If you’ve ever been tempted to save money by buying those bargain trainers at the supermarket along with your pint of milk, then you might want to read on. However you choose to keep fit – by running, walking, or just putting in cardio and weight hours at the gym – a proper sports shoe is essential.

You’ve probably had blisters from walking even short distances in ill-fitting shoes, but inadequate sports shoes can go beyond blisters and cause damage to your feet and ankles. If you don’t want to completely derail your fitness regime, it’s time to go shoe-shopping.

All shoes are not created equal; if you’re a runner, look for a running shoe that has inbuilt shock absorbers, and look for runners’ socks as well, with compression support around the instep and a double layer that won’t irritate your toes and heels. For exercise classes with a high aerobic content, look for lightweight shoes which will cushion your feet and stop them getting tired. If you vary your workouts to incorporate a lot of different exercise types and sports, look for shoes specifically designed to protect your feet and ankles in a multitude of ways. Walkers are also a special case; the type of terrain you exercise on the most will determine whether you’re looking for a supportive trainer or a proper walking shoe or even boot.

As with any other shoe, go shopping for your workout footwear late in the day, as that’s when your feet are largest, and don’t forget to take a pair of sports socks with you so that you’re getting the same foot feel as when you exercise. Unless you’re looking for a martial arts shoe, make sure the sole isn’t too flexible, otherwise you won’t get adequate support from it. Also, your shoes won’t last forever – if you’re working out three to four times a week, your sports shoes are getting quite a hammering. A good rule of thumb is to replace them twice a year.

Foot injuries don’t just come through poor-fitting sports shoes; it could be that you have underlying issues – even just corns, calluses and bunions – that are exacerbated by the wrong kind of shoe, and need more than just a few corn plasters and a trip to a podiatrist. If you have other musculoskeletal issues, such as patches of arthritis, or back pain, you might be even more in need of specialist advice. However, it’s not always easy to get to see your doctor at a convenient time, and then you might have to wait even longer to see a specialist, seriously cutting into not just your everyday workout regime, but your day to day comfort as well.

To get back to your best as soon as possible, book an appointment at the LBH orthopaedics department. Limiting the time from initial assessment to treatment combined with good advice on recovery will ensure that you avoid future problems.

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Salomon X Celerate 2 GTX

The new Salomon X Celerate 2 City Trail Running Shoe ( exclusively available in Intersport stores ) is probably the perfect running shoe for this time of the year in Northern Europe especially here in the UK. Right now we are experiencing a series of storms coming in with a new name (I think we are on Storm Desmond) every few days or so. The GTX in the name is there because these trainers have that wonderful fabric Gore-Tex in them which will keep your feet nice and dry when you splash through those frequent puddles. Salomon are well know for building trainers that are more technical and aimed at a more dynamic sort of runner who may choose to do things a bit more differently than just pure road running. These fit that bill really well.

The shoe itself is comfortable, lightweight and packed with lots of neat features. I really like the Quicklace system (remember to tuck the plastic bit away in the pocket). The grip is Salomons own Contagrip sole which has sufficient depth for some off road work. The fabric as mentioned before is Gore-Tex but it’s also well constructed with some flexibility that really hugs your feet in a nice way. They are truly light in weight. You don’t need to get the scales out it’s that obvious but at the same time they feel robust. Salomon have done a great job here there is no doubt.


The new Salomon running shoe – X Celerate 2 X, is exclusively available in Intersport stores (

There approach is to make every run an adventure which simply fits perfectly with my philosophy of running. Running in this country has completely changed in the last 10 years with events like Tough Mudders and those weekend festivals where they combine lots of running in a festival setting. These trainers are perfect for such events and approach to running.



With that it mind I’m going to do a separate post about making every run an adventure because that can literately take us anywhere.

I can see these Salomon X Celerate becoming my favorite shoe. On the runs I have done so far they have been great and I have had no problems at all. In fact I don’t think about them when I’m pounding away which means they are doing the job properly. Since I have got them I have banged out a good 50 miles on them. There has been no breaking in period in those miles at all. With no hot spots, rubbing or blisters they have already passed the test.


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Out with the old and in with the same again.

A couple of years ago I got sent a pair of PT-1000’s from UK Gear to try out. These have by far been the best trainers I have owned. The claim when they were released were that they will last you a 1000 miles of running. I didn’t count every mile I did in them but I know I got close to that distance when I decided I wanted another pair. So a few weeks ago I got another pair with my own cash money. The old ones just need a bit of a clean up and I could still use them no problem. Long may they keep making them like this.


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Adidas Boost

I was a bit peeved that Haile Gebrselassie got his free pair of Adidas boost before me. What has he ever done for running? :)

Anyway. So i have run about 26 miles (not in one go i might add) and i found the claim that they bounce back higher than other trainers hard to prove in normal everyday running but they are comfortable and they did not give any sore points which i usually get from new trainers especially on the left toe.
I personally don’t think they look great but that’s just an aesthetic thing and not so important on my list of priorities for a trainer. Ny daughter thinks they look “well cool” what do i know hey? One other small gripe is that i found the sizes to be wrong. When i opened the box it said they were size 11. When i tried them on i found they were quite snug. Now my feet haven’t swollen up and my other size 10 trainers fit perfectly fine unless i got a beta version of the trainers i can see that being a bit of a problem down the line so to speak.



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Best Running Shoe

Nike Air Pegasus the original we’re the first “cor blimey these are bloody expensive” trainers I bought way back in the old days. They really were different to anything I had owned before. I certainly haven’t owned loads of pairs over the years because I really do quite literally run them into the ground until they are falling apart. I’ve been told not to do this but when you look at where that advice is coming from it will inevitably be linked back to a marketing guy or one of the big company’s who sell this stuff….of course.

Anyway these trainers below the PT-1000 developed by the Physical Training Corps of the British Army are outclassing anything I have ever owned including the good old Nike Air Pegasus. I’ve had these well over a year now and they’re still solid and comfortable providing support and stability like it was the first week of owning them. I’m gonna try and get my hands on another pair as soon I can before they become as elusive as the classics.


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Asics Gel Asperatus

Haven’t had a new pair of trainers for ages and with this new enthusiasm for running i decided to treat myself to a pair of mid range Asics or to be more precise a pair of shiny new Asics Gel Asperatus. I have had a pair of from this sort of range before and they did me proud. I got some great mileage out of my last pair of Asics.

I always find writing a review for trainers a bit conflicting (I’m a poor darling) but trainers are very personnel things . Everyone has different feet and are built in an equally different way so one trainer that i might like may be a nasty clump of textile crap to another. Anyway i went through to look for some good deals and came across these at a very reasonable price. Just below 50 quid. There are some running snobs who would baulk at the idea of donning such a cheap pair of running shoe and i hope this makes them even more sniffy after reading this.

I use a pair of trainers like these for short runs such as 3 to 6 milers. Anything more and i have to use a different pair. I love Nike Air Pegasus and have consistently had a pair knocking about for a number of years now.

These Asics Gel Asperatus are very comfortable although after the first mile or so i found them a little tight around the mid sole but this was just the newness in them and after a couple of miles they felt great. They have the GEL Cushioning System like most Asics shoe and this really is great for on road runners. I don’t really care how a trainer looks but if i did i would imagine these look ok. I have no idea what a good looking shoe should look like but I’m sure some fashion geek somewhere knows better than all of us. After all I’m not going to the local disco to cut some shapes on the floor wearing these.

I have put a a good few miles now in these and have broken them in nicely. Looking forward to getting a good few months of pounding mileage with them.

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