Snow Way

In a few weeks I’m doing a Half Marathon Trail Race in the Lake District. I work in an ideal environment to train for this sort of thing so after work I’m out and about on the hills plodding around. The ground is saturated at the moment and very muddy in places. The other week I was doing my usual run in my normal running trainers. I was slipping and sliding all over the place and basically skiing down the slope bits.

I have these Inov8 trainers that a mate had got me and they have a blocky tread. I did the same run in equally bad conditions if not worse and the confidence in grip was fantastic. No slips at all and I was able to just run instead of worrying about the ground.

I now take 2 pairs of trainers with me to work and decide what to use just before the run.

No more skiing for me.


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Back Running

I’ve had about a month off from running and today was my first proper run in ages. I have a cross country half marathon coming up early in the new year. I’m doing this in an effort to keep off the mince pies and booze and I have some micro adventures in the run up to the festive season.

So far though 3 miles is hard work for me. I know I will be back to pounding out good mileage in a couple of weeks but it never gets easier. I love it.


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Shorts Sun Run

Running in the afternoon after a busy day at work in the sun has to be one of the best ways to unwind. It used to be a bottle of wine and a massive meal. That day when it's warm enough to just slap on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt and just go for a plod is the most rewarding time of the running year for me. Yes finishing a race is good but the real soul of it all is that run. Im having a great time training at the moment but the funny thing is I have no races or goals. I am simply enjoying running again. It's a rare thing but when its here the world seems a great place.



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Yeah Baby!

Nothing like a big gap in blogging to get me motivated to …..cough…….blog again. An absolute beautiful afternoon to go running in the hills today. This has to be the perfect weather and time of year to run. No breeze, a cold start and about a mile into the run nicely warmed up. I really do love running when it’s like this. Got me trusty Ron Hills on today just to accentuate my gorgeous chunky legs. It’s great to be back into training!!

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Alwen Run

Just got back from a 7 mile run around the Alwen Reservoir with my wife Eva. It was fantastic. It’s rare that we run together because we have two young children. We have run here before and I always forget how hilly it is. Great place to run one of my favorite places to plod.

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No Sweat

Another early run in Beautiful sunshine down the beach. I didn't see a soul all the way round until I passed Aldi where people were queuing for it to open.

This is my post run sweat puddle. I can see Bart Simpson looking to the left with his tongue out.


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I have been off the booze for an incredible 10 days. Which for me is great. I managed to do a 6 mile run on Sunday morning at a leisurely pace. It will now take me several months to stop sweating. I was going to have a rest today but the weather is still great so I went for a 3 miler after work. The hills in the background are the Clwydian Range. These are always in view when I do this 3 mile route.



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