Seems an apt title after all the advertising and getting back to what this all about. I went for a run (back to basics) it was 3.5 miles long and it hurt like hell. After all the training i did leading up to the summer i took a small break. Now the cycle starts again where i have to rebuild a base to start some good training ready for The Bupa Great North Run in September.

I got offered a place to go on a running holiday in the mountains of Italy. I had to turn it down because of work stuff. Slightly gutted.

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Loch Maree and hills.

My wife planned a run for me and my brother in-law to do with her this Sunday. She had the maps out a few weeks ago to sort out a trail run for herself in the hills around the town we live in. It started off OK as would any run that is flat and at a sensible pace but this soon turned into a very vertical run that seemed to go on forever. Then it was flatish for about half a mile which took us onto a very dodgy decent where if i had my skis they would have been a great benefit. 6 miles in total We were all hurting the next day.

Did a quick 4 miler around the quarry this afternoon.

Im off with a couple of mates to go Wild Camping and Canadian Canoeing next week in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland. Loch Maree and the islands on it are to be explored. I will take running kit and hopefully get some miles in with some spectacular scenery. Cant wait!

Loch Maree

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Sod It!

I was looking out of the window watching the rain come down when a runner came past without a care in the world absolutely soaking and blissfully plodding on. Inspired, i got my kit on and set off with the intention of doing about 6 miles or so. When i got to the 6 mile point i was feeling good and decided to do another 2.

Completed 8 miles in 1h 11mins. So just under 9 minuite / mile. Not to bad but the main thing is i felt good all the way round. A fantastic run in the rain.

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Following a very loose running schedule today called for a very easy 4 miles. This kind of implies that i can change gear and go faster if the schedule says so. At the moment i have one speed and that is slow. Nevertheless it was nice to run slowly because i had to.

This weeks efforts.

A total of 15.80 Miles not bad for a fat bloater.

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Hill Reps and Pain

Yesterday evening i set off with the intention of having a really good hill session in the spirit of trying to diversify the type of running sessions i do. The hill is about 250 meters long and when i got there i stood at the bottom with gritted teeth and determination saying to myself “right! 10 of these” 5 reps later i was on my way home with my tail between my legs. Lets give that another go in a week or so.

Had to work this morning so when i got back i went for a 3 miler down the beech. Windy.



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Frozen Planet

Or about 4 degrees or so but I’m in wimp mode. So unfit. I went out with the intention of doing 4 miles. I did 2.7. Not to disappointed but I am far from my best. So with a shrug and heavy uncontrolled breathing I went home.

It’s a start.

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151 mph Wind!

Not where i live so that title has nothing to do with this post. However it was windy and it was cold. Despite that i convinced myself (sucker!) that it was a good idea to at least get outside and raise my heart rate a little. Which turned out to be a tough old slog because im in an unfit state at the moment. This is going to be a hard winter of training but i determined to see it through for once so i can enjoy training in the spring.

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