Cross Dressing.

Part of my routine/rush early in the morning is to grab my running kit and stuff it in a bag. I did this and left for work. This afternoon when i started to get ready for a quick run i went to pull on my shorts and these turned out to be my wife’s. I have Rugby legs and she is quite slim so these things were very tight and made me look like a right twat. So i had 3 options.

  1. Don’t go for a run
  2. Run in my pants
  3. Just keep the effeminate tight ones on and do the run.

I went for option 3 and went for a sprinty/fast/tempo run or whatever these types of runs are called these days. Just a short one because i want to go for a long bike ride on Saturday morning and i didn’t want to many people seeing me in this state plus i want to do a long run on Sunday.

Yesterday i did a 4 miler.