For those of you who find a list of numbers and data, tedious, geeky and nerdy you need to look away now.
I have been recording GPS data of my runs and rides since about mid 2008. I lost 3 years of that data when my external hard drive which had all the gpx files on it died. So now the data only goes as far back as 2011. I don’t actually put it to any use. I know some people that correlate this data with food input, sleep patterns and all sorts of other parameters. I simply like collecting the numbers. Every couple of years or so I will have a browse and see if I can remember a random run and it’s surprising how much I do remember. I think the main reason I keep it though is motivation. I find myself reluctant to run if I forget to bring my GPS or phone. So I’m going to keep doing it for that reason alone.

I also have a written copy of my runs with a note or two on how it went. This I never read. I simply record it and turn another page. While I don’t have reams of text it does go as far back as 2006. This will, in all honesty be the most tedious thing anyone in the history of reading will ever read.