Delemere Forest 10km Night Run 2016

A man ran this race in a mankini and I laughed like a fucking drain. You could hear the laughing coming through the crowd as he made his way to the front of the start line during the bullshit briefing. It was cold. UK cold, just below 10. Dark hence the night run. I ran a half marathon here a few weeks ago and I died. I was looking forward to this. I love running at night. The crowd was buzzing, the atmosphere was great. Then they made us run up a massive hill at the 4 mile point. It’s called Pale Hill or Old Pale Hill but we all know it’s an elevated every meter is a fucker to run up hill. That’s what it was.

The medals are always great from these events and I loved every mile. I am going to try to get my body in shape so I can don a mankini in a race before I die.

  • This Month – 16.5 Miles
  • This Year – 501.4 Miles