I did an hour on the treadmill over the weekend. Man that thing is boring. I know i keep going on about it but it is!!
I managed anothe 4 miler after work today in what is great weather for this time of the year. I got a little chase from an equally little dog during the run. This has to qualify as the fastest i have run in ages.

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  • Andy Greenhalgh


    I do spells on the treadmill. Funny enough I ran 3.5 miles today (returning to running after foot injury), joy division blasting on the hifi, and running in the mountainous lock lomand via ifit live. So not as boring as the treadmill used to be – you’ll have to try ifit live if you haven’t already, makes treadmills fun! (google it)

  • Phil


    That looks great get me it for X-Mas :)

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