Its only 5 weeks until the start of the Glencoe Marathon. It was 5 minutes ago i started training for this run. I would like to have a short race, say 3 miles against myself from when i first started just to see what the gap would be. It would be interesting to see if i punch myself when i start laughing at me wheezing across the finish line.

I am going to run 20 miles this weekend with friends who are training for the Snowdon Marathon. My wife is joining us at the 10 mile point. It’s a flat course and the weather looks ok. I have Steak sandwiches and a couple of cold beers planned for the finish. You gotta have goals.

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  • Running for the Pies


    I went and recce’d the route on my MTB when up there on hols the week before last. Haven’t got the blog up to date to cover this, but some of the pics of the route can be found here:

    If you want to know my notes on the course in the meantime I’ll happily jot them down in a PM for you… Safe to say that it is not a race for those who do not like having wet feet – the whole course seems to be a stream of some sort with all the passing showers draining. It took me 4h+ to cover it on an MTB, which says a lot about the terrain; too harsh to ride large chunks of it so plenty of pushing the bike! Fantastic views though :)



  • Phil


    Quality pictures Neil. Thanks for the link. Me and a mate went up to Glencoe earlier this year. I wasn’t to keen to run a marathon back then so i didn’t pay much attention to the route etc. Thanks again.

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