Loch Maree and hills.

My wife planned a run for me and my brother in-law to do with her this Sunday. She had the maps out a few weeks ago to sort out a trail run for herself in the hills around the town we live in. It started off OK as would any run that is flat and at a sensible pace but this soon turned into a very vertical run that seemed to go on forever. Then it was flatish for about half a mile which took us onto a very dodgy decent where if i had my skis they would have been a great benefit. 6 miles in total We were all hurting the next day.

Did a quick 4 miler around the quarry this afternoon.

Im off with a couple of mates to go Wild Camping and Canadian Canoeing next week in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland. Loch Maree and the islands on it are to be explored. I will take running kit and hopefully get some miles in with some spectacular scenery. Cant wait!

Loch Maree

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  • Andrew


    Very jealous! I love wild camping up in Scotland. Although generally accompanied with a bottle of local malt! DId an amazing remote walk from Glenfinnan to Inverie last year. 3 days of spending isolation.

    Look forward to hearing about it.


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