Got a PB!!!

Just got back from doing the Nick Beer 10km Road Race and i got a pb of 48.07. Well chuffed with this time after the crap preparation. Everyone shot off like a bolt at the start but the first 5km is all uphill and what a bloody hill. So i held back and just plodded on in a normal sort of training mode pace. After about 4km the patience paid off and i started picking off people one by one.

The downhill bit i just let fly but i still found this quite hard going. I had a good strong finish. The best and most pleasing thing about all this was i didn’t hide at all and gave it everything i had.

nick-beer-race-026 nick-beer-race-007 nick-beer-race-008 nick-beer-race-009 nick-beer-race-010 nick-beer-race-019 nick-beer-race-021 nick-beer-race-023

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