In The Hills And Race Numbers

Got our race numbers through the post today for the Farndon 10km race on the 7th March. I haven’t touched a drop of booze since the last disastrous race preparation and do not intend to. Always nice to get the numbers quite early because for me it puts a bit more focus on the training. However because I am going to be running a Marathon quite soon I still have an eye on that and as such have planned some long distance work which I suppose is not great for 10km speed training. Who am I kidding I’m a 2 stone overweight amateur runner talking like a pro ………………. I love it.

Went for a 5 miler in the hills which turned out to be a nice run after having another rest day yesterday.

Ran 5.03 miles in 43:42 @ 8:41 min/miles pace

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