Juneathon Day 4 – 5 Miler

I got sick of typing “i went for a 4 miler” so today i went for a 5 miler. Very warm this afternoon and as such found it quite tough going so all i was thinking as a mantra in my head while on this run was Juneathon juneathon juneathon followed by much profanity.

Fridays a real test for me. I would usually be tucking into several cold beers by now and well on my way to many more. However i plan on going for a nice, slow, long run tomorrow before it gets to hot and i have promised myself a month of no booze after making an arse of myself online (facebook) last weekend but i am not giving up Ice Cream.

Ran 5.05 miles in 43:26 @ 8:36 min/miles pace

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