Juneathon Day 5 – 10 Miler

Inspired by Haulingmycarcass i decided to do an early run but when my alarm went off at 06:00 i decided not to get up so early. So i had an extra hour in bed. Stuffed a load of porridge down my neck and half a banana filled up the camel pack put on the ishuffle and GPS ……..then i was ready to go. I ran along the coast which was very quiet. At the 5 mile point i stopped for about a minute to get a load of fluids in me and to take a couple of snaps. At mile 7 i was hurting but this always happens to me so i walked for about 50 meters then plodded in to finish the 10 miles. Below are some geek stats.


Ran 10.02 miles in 1:27:52 @ 8:46 min/miles pace

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