Juneathon the 9th Sony Walkman.

Back out into the hills this afternoon for a quick 3 miler. That’s all Juneathon is getting out of me today. On another note i got stopped by the Police today while driving out and about at work for a routine breathalyser test, i got zero of course but still felt quite nervous. So much so that when he asked me my age i got it wrong.


sw3 sw1
I was kindly sent a Sony Walkman W from a nice chap called Huw to try out. This 2 gig mp3 player was built for people who train with music. I would say 70% of my runs are with tunes blasting in my ears/. I find I run faster and just have more enjoyment from what is essentially quite a lonely workout in running medium to long distances. I have had this for a few weeks now and use it a lot. Changing music on the player is as simple as plugging in the USB and mounting the device on a funky looking little tower then dragging and dropping your music files. I don’t want a fiddly lump of software just to transfer music and the simplicity of this I found very appealing. It is very comfortable to use and you have little rubber grommets in different sizes that you can change to fit if you so wish.

Also. I was asked to create the ultimate running playlist for this MP3 Player and i came up with this.

  1. Golden Brown – The Stranglers. A slow tempo to ease into the run plus it’s a great tune.
  2. Idoteque – Radiohead – Just easing into the second mile and a bit of mania.
  3. Rockafeller Skank  – Fat Boy Slim. This song was made for runners a great tempo.
  4. Sun Always Shines On TV – A-Ha. I know I know but listen to the pace of it another great song to run by. Plus it reminds me of Middle School days.
  5. Burning Love – Elvis. Obvious really the king makes me run well.
  6. Thunder in my heart – Leo Sayer. Picking the pace up and to show I’m not a music snob.
  7. Cannonball – Breeders – Mad tune.
  8. Get your Leather On – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The more I listen to this when I run the better it gets.
  9. All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix. When the opening chords blast out into my poor eardrums the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
  10. Paradise City – Guns N Roses. Something nice and easy to finish off with.

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