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In the process of adding a “Kit Section” to this blog I thought I would share this first part to what will be an on going feature of writing about kit. I have just come out of a 2 year kit monster binge. Even when I’m in the shop buying stuff I kind of know I don’t really need it. Well I’ve got an attic full of the stuff now. The kit I will write about is the stuff I always use on expeditions over the years and as such are useful and even essential. So I’ve broken it down into sections such as cooking,shelter, tools etc this first one is from the cooking outdoors section. It also has a video at the bottom of the page of me gobbing off about it.

The Pot

You need something:

  1. lightweight
  2. strong
  3. durable
  4. easy to clean (you do a lot of this)
  5.  small enough to fit in with the rest of your kit
  6.  big enough to hold an adequate sized meal with lots of calories to keep you going outdoors

A cooking system needs all these attributes but above all it needs to be easy to use. You should be able to knock up a hot meal or a hot brew within minutes. When your cold and tired the last thing you want is to unpack a load of plastic Tupperware boxes that look great in the kitchen but are a total pain the arse outdoors. Bin your colorful Swedish made camp kits and get down to how to do it properly.

msr pot 10

The System


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