Lifesystems – First Aid Kit and Hand Warmers.

If I cut my knee open and It’s a freezing cold day I am well sorted. I got sent these two lovely items from the great people at Lifesystems. I needed a decent first aid kit and seeing as I spend a lot of my time outdoors in the UK sometimes in a kayak then a waterproof one would be ideal. This is the waterproof first aid kit. All the stuff inside is sealed in a resealable bag. The contents is adequate for say a hike or a quick 1 days paddle. I would take something more substantial on anything more than 1 or 2 days but the point of this sort of kit is it’s light and something you can just have in your pocket or in your day-sack.

The hand warmers are 2 packs of gel that are started by pressing a disk within the packs and give off a good 90 minutes of heat. The good thing about these are they can be reused. You simply boil them for 10 minutes until the liquid becomes opaque and you have a couple of hand warmers on your hands…………….so to speak.