Llangollen Wild Camp

The whole point of doing this wild camp was to test out how effective the under quilt for the hammocks would be in the cold prior to a weekend coming up in Scotland. So of course it was the warmest ever temperatures recorded for this time of year.  I have used the under quilt on numerous occasions but this was just a slightly different set up.

The woods we set up in are high in the hills above Llangollen. A great little spot where it’s rare to see anybody else. The last time we were here wild ponies came into our camp in the middle of the night. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well that night.

Despite everything being damp we managed to get a good fire on the go. I ate about 5 million German sausages. My hammock set up with a tarp using a ridge line is a pleasure to hang and easy to pack away. It has taken me many years to get this comfortable with it all. I will make a video next time I am out of the whole set up and the adjustments I have made.

We got up to a warm morning and slowly packed our kit away. On our way out we walked across the hills and were treated to a magnificent view of the valleys below covered in a carpet of cloud. All enhanced by the early morning sun and the stark contrast with the blue sky. Unfortunately both of our phones had no battery power so we couldn’t get a photo.

Another great nigh out.

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