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Keep up the pace with help from Healthspan’s glucosamine HCl supplement

When the winter weather eases and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds there is nothing better than digging out those trainers, putting in your headphones and going for a run. Up and down the country runners will head out to their local parks, attempting to break personal records and setting new goals.
Over time those morning runs could have a large impact on your joints, causing them to ache and become inflamed. However, including Healthspan’s glucosamine supplement in your diet could help prevent your joints from deteriorating and allow you to continue enjoying the sport you love.
What is glucosamine?
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino acid produced by your body. As Stephanie Smith, sports specialist physiotherapist and owner of Pea Green Physio explains: “It is a building block for the production of proteins and lipids required for building the tough connective tissue called hyaline cartilage (the cartilage that protects and cushions the ends of bones in joints).”
As you grow older your body produces less glucosamine. This means the strain running puts on your joints could cause them to deteriorate and become inflamed. “In joints, the cartilage wears away and you get a thinning of the joint surfaces that results in bone on bone contact which can lead to crepitus (clicking and ‘gritty’ feeling in the knees), swelling, pain and limited range of motion,” says Stephanie. “Supplementing with glucosamine may help rebuild and regenerate the worn down cartilage benefiting the joint with rejuvenated cartilage, a reduction in joint swelling, pain and stiffness.”
Prevention of osteoarthritis
This wear and tear in the joints could lead to a common condition known as osteoarthritis (OA). “Osteoarthritis is a progressive natural degeneration or wear and tear of the joint surfaces as a result of high-impact, long-term overuse of the joint,” explains Stephanie. “Adding a glucosamine supplement to your daily diet may be particularly beneficial if you have a chronic joint condition, such as osteoarthritis,” she says.
Why Healthspan?
A regular intake of Healthspan’s glucosamine could help slow down the development of arthritis in the joints. Healthspan has the UK’s largest range of glucosamine supplements with 11 expertly formulated products. Almost the entire range includes 40% more glucosamine per gram than glucosamine sulphate. What’s more, Healthspan use only the purest natural ingredients derived from a sustainable corn base. Their products are all 100% allergen and shellfish free too so, unlike many supplements which source their glucosamine from crabs and lobsters, Healthspan’s are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. It is no surprise then over half-a-million people chose Healthspan’s glucosamine and joint care products in 2012.