Merrell Chameleon 5 GTX

My training now is aimed at being able to run The Glencoe Marathon and as a result of that I am training in and around the mountains of North Wales where I live. So I needed a sturdy pair of footwear to cope with the arduous terrain and to reduce the chance of injury from training in such an environment.

A pair of these Merrell Chameleon 5 GTX arrived last week which on paper fit the bill perfectly. Designed with walkers being the target audience. They are described as “Lighter, faster,supportive shoes for those who frequently shift speeds, sites and terrain” which is exactly what i will be doing.

I had heard that the fit can be to small. When i tried them on for the first time I made a noise you make when you have just bitten into something incredibly delicious. They are the most comfortable footwear that have ever held my feet in the 40 (odd) years I have been alive. I can’t overstate how good they feel.

They are obviously built to last and are constructed like a Sherman Tank. They also have a Gortex lining which makes them waterproof and breathable. The laces are the sturdy walking shoe type which have the added benifit of being easy to undo when they get filthy which they will. I have taken them out on the hills a couple of times and over some wet rocks. They perfomed really well in that they gave me the confidence to run at pace knowing I’m getting good grip. I do loads of wild-camping in the Snowdonia National Park. So as well as training for the mountains of Glencoe i will be taking these with me when I get out in the hills with my hammock.