Nick Beer 10km 2010

What is the worst thing you could do to prepare for a race the day before? well let me tell you what i did i had a few beers on Friday felt rough Saturday morning so decided the best thing to do was continue drinking. Drank beer all day rang everyone on my mobile phone and bored them to death with stupid drunken banter. Made a complete arse of myself on Facebook by typing in stupid messages all day long and ate a massive Chicken Kebab with extra chilli sauce.

Despite all this and with some help from my lovely wife i managed to get my fat arse to the start line along with 500 other runners. I felt sick,dizzy and in no fit state to go charging around the Great Orme. The race was fantastic i felt ok as we trudged up the steep first 5km’s and i finished feeling strong but knowing i gave everything.

A great day but i will never ever drink again before a race…………………………i promise!