Non Race Report Pandas and Bamboo

I didn’t run the Conwy Half Marathon this Sunday as i woke with a stinking cold and a mild hangover. unbelievably bad preparation. In fact probably the worst thing i could have done. Anyway life goes on. I went to the race to support two of my mates who i dragged into doing it in the first place so i thought it was the least i could do. Both did really well with times of 1 hour 44 mins and 1 hour 41 mins. I was genuinely pleased for them because this was the first time they have done a race like this and they had a blast.

I saw this Panda running around and this bush. My 5 year old daughter had to point out the fact that the bush was Bamboo and that’s what the Panda eats. I would have never made the correlation. I mean i do know Pandas eat bamboo but the whole bush thing? you know what i mean!

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