North Wales Half Marathon Race 2014

I was surprised at how nervous i was in the morning before this race. The porridge was a struggle to get down my neck and i couldn't stop going for a wee.The weather i am pleased to say was cool wet and windy. I wouldn't want to tackle this in the heat. The first mile was on a sandy beach which was a pain in the arse but everyone was in good spirits as you tend to find at most races and that mile was soon over. At the 7 mile point the famous hill started. This is very steep in parts and goes on for about 2 miles.

This is the strongest i have ever felt during a half marathon and finished it in 2h 7mins which I was quite pleased with considering the sandy beach and the elevation.

The race was well organised with some well thought out water and sports drink stops. A welcome tray of jelly beans came in very handy.