Olympic Tickets

Just been on the Olympic website to book our tickets for the games in 2012. Fingers crossed we get them. I have just heard on the radio that if you are successful in getting them you will get the news around June 10th this year. I really am genuinely excited and looking forward to these games mostly because my kids are at an age where they will remember this for the rest of there lives. While I don’t shove sport down there necks I always try to get across its importance not only for health but the way it teaches so much more socially.

 I’m rambling. I’m very lucky I have family who live close by to the capital and they have offered us a place to stay if we get the tickets etc. I have heard that some hotel chains are keeping rooms off the market in an effort to release those rooms closer to the Games at ‘good’ rates.  Don’t get fleeced by the marked-up prices of typical hotel accommodations! Typically, host countries always anticipate a great shortage of accommodations during the Games, and they try to line up alternative accommodations. A perfect resource is Roomorama.com. It’s a peer-to-peer short-term accommodations rental site that does not charge the Earth to live well in London during the Games. Bookings are easy and payments are secure – just be sure to plan early so the best homes don’t get snapped up.