The nice people at Outdoor Look sent me a pair of these trail running shoes to try out. I am training to do a cross country half marathon on the island of Anglesey in Novemeber so these trainers have come at a great time. The first few runs i did with these running shoe were, to be honest not the most comfortable but that i think was largley due to them being a tough and well constructed shoe. Now that i have “broken them in” they are now my favourite. Rigid and stable when i go off road on the slippery mud and hills but comfortable when i am on road. I like the look of them to. No shiny florescent fancy lines etc. They look like they are up to the job.

Helly Hansen produce some great kit and i have a lot of there products for when i am out on the mountains. Outdoor Look have a great range of kit not only for us runners but plenty of stuff as the name implies for the outdoors.