I was expecting huge amounts of Snow today but this was all i could find. I went for a 5 miler while i was at work in those hills, it absolutely pissed down towards the end hence the fastest mile of the 5 is the last one which also had an uphill bit. Didn’t stop me from getting soaked.

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Sweaty Chin

Have a picture of my sweaty chin after this evenings 4 miler.
Really pleased with the pace of this run. After the rest day yesterday i felt like trying to find a comfortable quicker pace, if there is such a thing. I wanted to show you a photo of the worst mp3 player in the world but even the picture didn’t come out very well that’s how shite it is and i can’t be arsed to go all the way downstairs to take another snap.

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The Hill Of Hurt

I am trying to mix up the types of runs i do so i don’t stagnate by doing the same old distance and pace. At work i went to do some hill reps on surprise surprise a big hill. It’s called Moel Fendig and looks OK from the bottom. I was literally blowing out of my own arse half way up but managed to keep going to the top. I can see Liverpool from there (i will take my camera up with me next time). I managed to do 3 reps and then some sprints when i got down.

Now that blister that didn’t hurt. Hurts like F#@k!!!

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How I Feel When I Run.

I went for a slow 4 miler this morning with the intention of just going out to enjoy the run for what it is instead of thinking about pace and effort etc. This made me think “how much do i actually enjoy doing this?” so i came up with this.

Out of every 100 runs i do i think this is quite an accurate reflection on how i feel about it.

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A quick 5

Got my arse out of bed and went for a 5 miler this morning. Very frosty today. We are all off to go and see Santa today at some garden center somewhere.

gps track of run Running Data

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Ive been away up North in a town called Penrith for a couple of days on a tedious (is there any other kind) health safety course. I didn’t take my running kit with me but wish i had because sitting in a bed and breakfast room on my own with a pot noodle was not funny. The next night i went for a curry on my own. I was feeling very sorry myself.

Anyway managed to get out this evening for a quick 4 miler.

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