Ive been away up North in a town called Penrith for a couple of days on a tedious (is there any other kind) health safety course. I didn’t take my running kit with me but wish i had because sitting in a bed and breakfast room on my own with a pot noodle was not funny. The next night i went for a curry on my own. I was feeling very sorry myself.

Anyway managed to get out this evening for a quick 4 miler.

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Blister Soup.

Went for a quick 4 miler this afternoon after work. I got this blister from this weeks runs. It’s one of those that don’t hurt, i just noticed it while i was having bath.

running blister

I promised JogBlog i would post my roasted Tomato Soup recipe which i made on Sunday. My 4 year old daughter loved it so this is going to go into our regular meals. Serves about 3 or 4 helpings. Great with homemade bread.

1kg Tomatoes, 2 Garlic cloves, Hand full fresh Basil, 3 Sun-dried Tomatoes, 1tsp Thyme (dry), 1 Onion, 1 litre Chicken or Veg Stock, Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper,

Heat Oven to 220c chop onion and tomatoes bung all that into a large baking tray with the thyme, garlic, salt and pepper pour over a few glugs of Olive Oil give it a good shake. When the oven is up to temp put it in for about 30 mins or until you start to see some of the tomatoes and onions char. Get the stock to boil. Pour the stock in with the tomato mix and add the sun-dried tomato and basil.

Blitz all that up in a blender and then strain it through a sieve. Serve warm not piping hot.

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I went for another 6 miler this morning. It’s starting to get a bit chilly here now and i was getting blown all over the place with the wind. Apparently it’s a bit snowy in the East of the country. I hope you all freeze.

After the run and this weekends efforts i treated myself to a huge mug of Tea and a hot bath with the ducks.  Inspired by JogBlogs Pitta Bread making skills im off to make some homemade soup.

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The Great Orme

Me and Ev went for a 6 miler around a huge lump of rock called The Great Orme. If you look at a map of the Uk it’s the little sticky out bit on the North Wales coast near the Island of Anglesea. It’s not far from where we live and we have entered a race that takes place there in February (The Nick Beer 10km). We had a great time. The first 3 miles is straight uphill but after that it’s down hill all the way so a PB is defianately up for grabs on race day.

It was very cold and that wind coming off the Irish Sea is bitter!

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Brutal Run

I know i keep banging on about the hills i run in at work but have i told you about the hills i run in at work? I went for a 4 miler this afternoon in driving cold rain and a good wind. It was the type of weather that catches your breath in the first 20 meters or so. I took my camera with me this time but after 4 pictures the battery died on me. Twat! Yes, i did use the timer as i was on my own and was very self conscious in case any Cows or Sheep were looking at me prancing around in the rain. Did i mention those bloody hills?

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Running Nice.

Just got back from doing a 4 Miler. Really pleased with this run because i felt good all the way (easy to say that once i finish) There are 2 big hills in this route and i still managed to keep a continuous pace. 461ft of ascent is that a lot?

Just loving the running at the moment.

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Work Running

I went for a quick 5 miler while i was at work this afternoon and because i work in the hilly bits it was a hard 5 miler. I don’t particuly enjoy running around here because there is just no let up. As soon as i leave that quarry it’s straight up. 

I haven’t done a race in ages so i entered the Nick Beer Llandudno 10km. the first half of this race is all up hill so todays run counts as hill training.

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