Radox Muscle Thearpy

I got sent a large bottle of this lovely smelling Radox Muscle Therapy bubble bath. I haven't had a bath in years that is not to say i don't wash i of course have an unquestionably high hygiene standard. That is to say i shower. So in the spirit of trying out products i have been using this stuff for a week and so have all my family. I love the smell of this thick red, gloopy and satisfying bubble bath. I felt thoroughly relaxed and deeply clean. Im going to have to bath more often as the rest of the family have insisted we get this as part of the hygiene routine.



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  • Eva


    I’m so glad you’ve had a bath, things smell so much nicer round here and I agree it’s gorgeous, gloopy and good!

  • Jessica


    I’ve used the muscle therapy range from Radox a few times before and it’s done wonders. Glad you’ve now tried it.

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