Rehabbing From Injury

Active people who play sports and do a lot of running are inevitably prone to injuries. The miles take their toll and invariably things go awry with sprained ankles, pulled hamstrings, groins and many other major and minor ailments. If you do suffer from an injury you will have to go through the regular rigmarole of ice and rest. Once you emerge from this you will need to throw yourself into rehab – there are few things you can do, such as riding an exercise bike which will help you get back sooner.

If you are injured your first port of call should be the physiotherapist – these professionals can help you sort out your problems and most importantly give you various exercises that will help you rehab. Be sure to stick to the regimen they give you and pick up any necessary equipment like exercise balls and therapeutic bands which will help you do it efficiently.

For serious injuries you can consider getting muscle stimulation packs which use electricity to stimulate muscles and build strength. This is useful for people who have suffered major knee injuries and need to keep their muscles toned and strong while they are immobilised. This can really speed up the process and allow you to stay relatively strong whilst you rehab.

As you near the end of your rehab you will need to re-integrate exercise into your life – this means starting slow and doing gentle activity. Riding an exercise bike is great for people with lower body injuries as it is low contact, good cardio and can be done at your own pace. For the upper extremities, consider swimming which is a great total body workout that will give your shoulders arms and core a welcome boost. Above all, be sure to take your time as people frequently reinjure themselves a few months after the initial incident – sometimes patience is the fastest way to get yourself back to 100%.