Run 1000 Miles In 2017

I didn’t start this year with any intention to run 1000 miles in one year. 3 weeks into January I was looking at my totals and I realized I wasn’t that far off if I was to start the challenge. My wife and a few people I know who run on a regular basis have started already. I had a think about it and I thought if it gets me motivated to keep running throughout 2017 then that can only be a good thing.

You will always get people telling you it’s not a good idea. These people can fuck right off. The benefits far out way any negative bullshit. Even if you don’t reach the 1000 mile goal if it has got you motivated to run then it’s already worth it. It also forces you to consider a more structured plan.

I’m breaking it down into small segments because this then makes it sound a bit easier.

The Math

1000 miles in 1 year is 2.73 miles a day. That’s a little under 20 miles a week, 19.11 miles to be more precise. It’s roughly 80 miles a month. Or 0.001902 miles per minute.