Running injuries

Common Running Injuries

When you start running, there is a high likelihood that you will have some injuries. According to experts, most of the common running injuries are usually the result of overuse or applying repeated force on a certain body part for a prolonged time period. Making sudden changes in your training volume can cause some damages. Fortunately, there are many options that can help you deal with some of these injuries such as Loxley Kinesiology Tape and it is essential you know how to deal with your injuries and hit the pavements sooner than later.

Runners Knee

With a runners knee, the runner usually experiences a tender pain behind or around the patella and sometimes, the pain can be on the kneecap. When you realise that you have such signs, chances are high that you are having the patellofemoral pain syndrome or the runners knee. Essentially speaking, this injury comes through repetitive force after pounding on downhill or pavement as well as weak hips and muscle imbalances, which can stress your patella. Using Loxley Sports and their range of sport tapes can help a lot especially in minimising the stress and the impact on your patella. Also, it is a good idea that you stick to running uphill or on a flat terrain and wherever possible, opt to run on softer surfaces. Besides taping the knee, make sure that you cut back on your running mileage and use some anti-inflammatory medications as well.

Shin Splints

Nearly 80% of runners have experienced that stabbing, aching sensation in their shin as this is one of the most common running injuries. This is an incredibly nagging injury and results when the tendons and muscles that cover the shinbone are inflamed. The injury is very common particularly among new runners as well as runners who are returning after a prolonged layoff. Shin splints can also strike runners who wear the wrong type of shoes as well as those with flat feet or high arches. The pain can be eased by using ibuprofen, resting or icing the muscles. Taping your shin with Black Loxley Kinesiology Tape can also help in relieving the pain and speeding the healing process.

Hamstring Strain

Hamstring issues are very common among runners and nearly every runner can attest to have suffered from hamstring strain in the course of their running. The muscles running through the back of your thighs help in bending your knees and extending the legs as well as driving up hills. When your hamstrings are too weak or tight to perform well, it is very common for you to experience hamstring strain. Runners with weak muscles are more vulnerable to suffering from this running injury. Muscle imbalance especially when your quadriceps overpower your hamstrings furthers makes you vulnerable to hamstring strain. It is essential that you use hamstring curls for strengthening your hamstrings. One legged dead lifts will also help you a lot as well as deep tissue massage.