Sod It!

I was looking out of the window watching the rain come down when a runner came past without a care in the world absolutely soaking and blissfully plodding on. Inspired, i got my kit on and set off with the intention of doing about 6 miles or so. When i got to the 6 mile point i was feeling good and decided to do another 2.

Completed 8 miles in 1h 11mins. So just under 9 minuite / mile. Not to bad but the main thing is i felt good all the way round. A fantastic run in the rain.

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  • Hauling My Carcass


    Sod it indeed! Rain is one of my favourite running weathers. Well when it’s not coming at you horizontally in gale force wind anyway.

  • Phil


    Yep. Hesitation on my part due to turning into a fair weather runner in my old age.

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